Dog Website Design

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Dog Website Design For Dog Breeders

New Site Builder & Site Editor ( CMS )

We are now creating dog web sites with a totally new Pro Version CMS

( Content Management System ).

It is totally Awesome, Easy and Powerful !

With Our New Site Builder Software You Can Easily …

Create Pages and remove pages at any time. You are not limited to any number of pages. You can create main pages for your site that are visible from your navigation bar to everyone. Then create additional pages over time geared for search engine rankings. We’ll tell you how.

Add Photos to your page. There are no un-sightly photo holders showing up for un-used photos. You’re free to add any size photos & add a “ Light Boxeffect.

Add Text anywhere your page. Color it, size it, bold it, underline it, link it, italicize it and more.

Add Slide Shows to showcase your dogs. Even add multiple Slide Shows on each page.

Watch Videos & Tutorials on how to work with your site.

Add Social Icons for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest & others. Add them on one page & they show up on all your pages automatically.

Save changes to your pages Automatically until published.

Create Photo Galleries – as many as you want – on any page – put multiple galleries on a page. Even your fifth grader can do this.

Create a Pedigree Page. 3 Generation Pedigree and Photos page. Add photos to any sire or dam block in the pedigree. Photo opens in lightbox when clicked on. So cool!

You can put MP3 Music onto any page on your site and any where on your page. You can have a different song on each page.

Add Products for Sale on your page such as collars, DVDs, T-shirts, Art or anything. It works with your PayPal account. Easy to set up your store. This is the easiest and best I’ve found. It’s been installed onto sites many times already and works well. It is not a lightweight either. This works for the “Big Boys” with real online businesses. It has it’s own options but very easy to understand.

Add a Blog Page. Blogs are great for SEO. Google likes blogs. If you hire an SEO expert, they will tell you that you need a blog.

Insert You Tube Videos onto your page – any page & any where.

Have a Scrolling Marquee ( moving text ) that you can add your latest news to. The text moves across the page from right to left and pauses when you place your cursor over it.

Add Contact Forms & other Forms such as a puppy application form that sends you the results by email.

Change your admin Password.

Add Google Maps to your pages youself.

Password Protect any page on your site to allow only your designated members with the password to view that specific page.

Change Text Fonts on your page. Choose from 117 different fonts including Google Fonts to personally stylize your page.

Use your iPad or Computer to edit your site. Take a photo of your dog with your iPad and immediately upload it to your site.

Automatic Updates to the online software that runs your site.

View your Site Statistics, Keywords, Referrers. Detailed information.

Add your Google Analytics tracking code. See how visitors are coming to your site or what you need to do to make your site better for google rankings.

There’s even more – lots more!