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Elementor Hosted Website Builder for Dog Breeders

Need a website but don’t want pay big bucks to someone to create it for you? Then what I recommend that you do is set up your website yourself using elementor hosting. What will happen is the elementor website builder will be pre-installed for you so that all you need to do is create your page names and fill them in with photos and text. By the way, you can use your ipad to create and edit your elementor site.

This is exactly how most bully webmasters today are setting up websites for their dog breeders anyway. But then they’ll bill you  $1000.00 to do it. Both WordPress and Elementor are already installed for you. when you sign up on your own. You only need to sign up for a $99 / year cloud hosted account and pay for the hosting fee.

Then if you want to pay someone to create a page top banner for your site you can place that image at the top of your site. Or you can simply use a great photo of your dog.